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Debbie Hennessy, "OK" Commissioner

As a guest columnist, Debbie re-introduced herself on Mother’s Day, 2006. Following is an excerpt from that day:
I am Debbie Hennessy, wife of Tom Hennessy who writes a newspaper column four times a week in the Long Beach Press Telegram, and proud mother of perhaps the only American officer in Iraq who is surrounded by teddy bears.

Your teddy bears, as a matter of fact.

“OperationKids.Info” is our project to send toys, tee shirts and school supplies to the children of Tal Afar, a northwestern Iraqi city where our Army son is posted.
As he invariably does with any project that involves a significant amount of work, Tom put me in charge, gave me the title of OperationKids.Info Commissioner. Following is a brief accounting of our project to help Iraqi children.

I can't speak for other military mothers, but I'm sure they worry as I do for the safety of their sons and daughters. Until recently, the city of Tal Afar had been relatively quiet since John arrived there in January.

Unhappily, that changed in May, when a suicide bomber in the city killed 24 people and injured dozens of others. My computer is set to alert me to any news from Tal Afar, and seeing that story set my heart racing. At such times, I think of all the moms across America who share that frightful bond and who have had to learn to be tougher, perhaps, than they really are.

“OperationKids.Info” has been a blessing not only for the children in Tal Afar, but for me as well. Making trip after trip to the Postal Annex in East Long Beach and with the help of friends, Chuck and Temple Roath (owners of that Postal Annex), gives me the feeling that I am still being a mom, still doing something for our son.

We expect “OperationKids.Info” to continue possibly through 2008. We have high hopes our Army son will complete his tour in Iraq sometime next year, and at that time he will designate another Army unit to help distribute your supplies.

For more information, please contact me at
debtom@mac.com or leave your name and phone number on voice mail for Tom Hennessy at the Long Beach Press Telegram: (562) 499-1270.

Or if you wish to make a contribution to our postage fund, please make your check payable to "Postal Annex", mark it for "OperationsKids.Info", and send to Tom and Deb Hennessy, OperationKids.Info, at 6444 E. Spring Street, #245, Long Beach, CA 90815-1553.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.