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Since we launched Operation Kids earlier this year, the response has been spectacular. We have received items and postage money from people of all political stripes, people for and against the war, school teachers organized their classes to help other children, church groups, co-workers organized their office friends, etc. We have met and hugged people we never saw before and likely may never see again. We have become acquainted with neighbors we did not know and have encountered people we have not seen in years.

More than 1000 large boxes of school supplies, t-shirts, and tiny toys have been sent to Tal Afar. We expect that number to double in the next few months. If you need help with the postage, thanks to generous contributors, we have a postage fund set up at the Annex. Examples of our readers’ Weapons of Mass Affection are ….

Using one-gallon zipped baggies containing enough small gifts for one child is a great idea. It makes distribution easier for the soldiers. Mary Thoits and her Senior Studies students at City College assembled over 100 baggies.

Employees from Long Beach Unified School District gave us t-shirts with school logos. Our son tells us how wonderful it is when he spots an Iraqi child wearing a Long Beach t-shirt.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Gil Lafferty Hernandez and his family made this a summer project. Should you decide to do that, you may take your items to the Roath’s at Postal Annex

6444 E. Spring St. (near Palo Verde Street), Long Beach 90815.  They have the address on file for the U.S, Army officer in Iraq who distributes our donations;  the Roaths will even be happy to help package your materials.
Pat Hicks at LBCC presented us with a check for $623, the result of a collection taken up by the college's Student Life Viking Volunteers. This will go a long way. The cost of postage is right up there with gasoline.

Recently, we received a package from Stephanie Nichols, a student at the University of Arizona. Stephanie, whose home is in Long Beach, convinced her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, that ours was a worthy project.

OPERATION KIDS thanks the following people:

Patti Acosta

Jean Aldrich

Robert and Annette Alpern

Nancy Allison

American Red Cross (Greater Long Beach Chapter)

Angela Anderson

Pat and Rich Archbold

Mary Baca

Ginny Baxter

Milly Bejarano and staff of the Teacher Resource and Science Center LBUSD

Robert Berry

Donna Jo and Paul Breese

Harry Boerner

Joyce and Raymond Bond

Marna and Pat Brennan

Nate Brightman

Brownie Troop 399, Newcomb Academy

Nate Brightman

Linda & Peter Burcombe

Linda ‘‘Purple Dude" Burke

Gwen Button

Bill Cahill

Ann Cantrell

Valerie Capella

Nancy Carrier

Cheryl Carter

Brenda Caves-Kanawah

Carole Christy

Tom Chumley

Donna and Pete Clark

Dorothy Clark

Robert and Marie Clements

Gerald and Dona Cocks

Karen Connors

Jennifer, Greg, Steven and Molly Cook

John Cronin

Jana & Tim & Kathy Davis

Dorothy Dean

Janet DeGiorgio

Lorraine Demoranville

Ann Dennison

Jose and Cecilia DeSouza

Joe Diaz

Alma Dickinson

Annella Dosdall

Darla Drummond

Erica Duane

Jack Durrie

Elks Lodge No. 888

Fabiola Enciso and Stanford Middle School's AVID program

Marion Feigengaum 

Don Foltz

Diane and Ric Franklin

Mark and Cathi Franklin

Elliott Fried

Kathy Frogg

Martha Fronke

Laurie Fulton

Arlene Gale, Hill Classical Middle School

Gail Gaidulis

Mary Jane Gard

Jan Gaschen

Dorlyne and Howard Genrich

Grace Community Church in Seal Beach

Jocelyn Graham

Melanie Gottlieb

Maureen Habel

Barbara Hall

Luann Harlow

Ruth Harmon

Barbara and Robert Hart

Katherine Hayes

Lara Hayes, Kettering School

Marty Todd-Hayes

Mary Lou Hein

B. F. Hennessy

Jeanne Hennessy

Lavonne Hermana

Leo Hetzel

Nancy Hezelheimch

Barbara Holden

Richard & Susan Kay Howard

Tori Hudson


Christopher Hicks

Jim Hoffman

Joan Holmblad

Nini and Steve Horn

Alice Hoss

Lexie Hutton

Gigi and Warren lliff

Jim Isaacs

Dan, Lisa and Noah Ishihara

Angelina and George Janich

Lisa and Jeff Johnson

Lois and Curtis Jones

Brenda Caves & David Kanawah

Adrienne and Mat Kaplan

Kate Karp

Marjorie Keb

Sandi Keesee

Andree Kessel

Mary Ellen and Bud Kilsby

Barbara and Neil Kresge
Nancy and Gil Lafferty-Hernandez
Buck Lanier
Robert A. Laurie / Cameron Park Rotary Club
Latino Evangelistic Ministries

Judie Lecesne

James Lehenbaurer

LBCC Foundation Office

LB IBM User Group

LB Computer Group

LBCC Senior Studies

LBCC Viking Volunteers

Joyce Leavitt

Spence Leister

David Levin

Linda Levin

Bob Livingstone

Jeri Livingstone

Los Cerritos Elementary Roots & Shoots (teacher Dianne Swanson)

Randy Maas

Margie MacConnell

Lois Malone

Betty Marcroft

Kimberly March

Jennifer Marsh

Debbie and Denny Mayfield

Eileen and P. J. McCafferty

Susan McDonald

Dennis and Marilyn McGorman

Marilyn McKellips

Lori McKibbin

Marilyn and Walter Mischler

John Morris

Lois Muehleback

James Nagle

Ed Nelson, Omaha Woodmen Lodge 146, Whittier

Tommy Nerman

Dolores Nunnelly

Patti and Harold Omel

Joe Oremus

Harriet and Richard Ottaviano

June and Thomas Oury

Jane Passley

Julie Perkins

Gayle Lynn Peterson and members of Bethel No. 295 International Order of Job's Daughters El Segundo

Barbara and David Piechota

Joan Pizzato

Judy Pratt

Priscilla Circle (Los Altos United Church of Christ)

Edith Recourt

Vivian Reeves

Liz and Roger Reyburn

Lynne Boozel-Rice

Tricia and Bill Ridgeway

Marjorie and Robert Rivera

Elmer and Ruby Ryan

Chuck and Temple Roath

Audrey and Warner Rottman

Diana and Randy Rousseau

St. Dominic Savio School

Christina Salvador

Jim Sarcino

Doug Sato

Mary Scarfe

Seas the Moment in Seal Beach

Diane Sensy

Billie Sheaffer

John Shainline

Miriam Shenkman

Jerry Shultz

Jen and Adam Silva

Stanley and Linda Smith

Stephen Smith

Stanford Middle School

Joan Stiehl

Janet , Don , Kara & Janelle Stribling         

Margaret and Daniel Stuver

Mary Thoits and the LBCC Seniors

Kim and Dave Thraen

Martha Thuente (funds collected during Veterans Day Parade in North Long Beach)

Jackie Tien

Martha Todd

Treasure Box, Inc.

Pat and Scott Tomashefsky

Martha Treadway of Glazier School

Sharon Twiggs-Smith

Marilyn Virosteck

WANA - Wrigley Area Neighborhood Alliance, Inc. 

Mary Jane Wade

Toni and Ed Ware

Anita Wagner

Karen and Jim and Sara Wells

Beverly Wemete

Georgia Whitlock

Myrna and Dick Wigod

Dawn Williams

John and Patty Winkler

Paul and Betty Wonacott

Ruth Wright

Joyce Zoubul

There have been MANY anonymous donors as well.

Choose and buy gifts from the recommended list.  If
you take them to Postal Annex, 6444 E Spring St.,
Long Beach, CA 90815, they have the name and address on
file of the Army officer in Tal Afar, also they will help with packaging and mailing costs.
If it's more convenient, call 562-499-1270 or email us
debtom@mac.com and we will try to arrange
a pick-up or drop-off location that is more convenient for you.
Of, if you wish to make a contribution to our postage fund,
make your check payable to “Postal Annex” and send it to
Tom and Deb Hennessy, Operation Kids, 6444 E. Spring Street, #245, Long Beach 90815-1553