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Chuck and Temple Roath, our "Authorized Angels"
preparing Weapons of Mass Affection for shipping
at Postal Annex, 6444 E. Spring St., Long Beach

Soldiers from US Army's First Brigade distributing supplies to Iraqi children.

Brownie Troop 399, Newcomb Academy, collected school supplies and toys for Iraqi  children, and also wrote postcards to send with their donations

CW3 Dave Kean on visit home earlier this year in a photograph with daughter Jenna.   Kean has safely returned home to Long Beach, CA where he is a LB fire department battalion chief.

(Left) Lt. Col. Guy Edmondson

During a humanitarian mission, LTC Guy Edmondson, military transition team commander, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Iraqi Army Division, handed out clothing to village children in Mosul, Iraq. Edmondson came to Iraq in March and is stationed on the same Forward Operating Base as his son, SPC Michael Edmondson, in Mosul, Iraq.

(Left) Lt. Col. Guy Edmondson